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>> reporter: perry hall scooting a few months ago was a violent reminder about the danger of students bringing guns to school. >> now it's a parent who faces charges after allegedly carrying a gun into a school. >> reporter: i should feel like she is safe. parents react outside the school less than a day after a student's father arrived here in a hack cab packing heat. >> can't control the actions of people. you can't. you just have to pray that they get some sense. >> reporter: some have suggested the 39-year-old rodney parker was heading to a parent teacher conference when the cab pulled up in front of the school on west 36th. that's when the hack behind the wheel noticed something disturbing fall to the ground as parker got out. >> the individual saw rodney parker allegedly armed with a gun, apparently he had dropped the gun, put it back in his pocket. >> reporter: police say the cabby waved down a cop who
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teamed school police to lockdown the school, to track down park erin side and seize the weapon. >> it's something that's cause for concern. it causes a very stressful situation to the school. obviously they don't know what the situation is. we don't know if it could be an active shooter situation. >> reporter: in a city that's witnessed decades of gun violence many say they feel the schools safe havens and this incident should prompt administrators to review policies to ensure they stay that way. >> i don't feel like as a parent i should need to be checked but if you are going to have parents bringing in guns, then maybe we do need to have somebody checking at the door. >> there is no use for weapons like that. violence needs to come down. there is no reason people should be walking around with guns. >> reporter: in hampden. >> parker faces a pair of
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charges. >> update on the breaks news story. an edgewater man in custody. >> he is a accused of abuse several children. roosevelt is here with more on this case's connection to one of hollywood's best known. >> reporter: john farrow turned himself into police, accused of abusing two boyes. he is the older brother of mia farrow. he is a accused of preforming sex acts on the boys in his house. police say the boys were assaulted over a period of years. >> through the investigation it was determined that these were several incidents involving these two boys, happening oar that eight or
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nine year period. from -- from as far back as when they were eight or nine into their early teens. >> he is a facing several counts including two counts of sexual offense, preverted practices and sex abuse of a minor. it started when the two victims came forward to police in september. police say they are looking for the possibility of any other victims in the case. farrow stays in custody on $800,000 bond. >> and you heard it here first from our own brian today on twitter. then on abc morning raids at both the atf and baltimore city police had them quite busy. we had four west baltimore locations searched, atf says the result of a several month investigation ended on the doorsteps of north kerry, west lexington, harlem and here. each location authorities searched with warrants and attempted arrests. some were made in morning and
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the case is from a spike in violent crime in the area. those who live close by to these locations watched and describe the early morning raids. >> just a lot of police out here and vests and -- cars. >> atf agents. >> yes >> we are waiting on the details on the raids. the city state attorney office is the lead on this case and said it's still going on so stay with us as we continue to develop this story. and the woman who was pulled from her burning home yesterday has died. officials say the 59-year-old pass away at the bayview burn center after being burned on half of her body. her home wan blake court was destroyed and fire firms say they don't believe it was set on purpose. >> weather wise a november chill. holding tough out there right
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now. 38 in townsend. 41 aberdeen. we have 37 westminister already and are down to 42 in the state capitol, 45 east, chilly stuff. winds not as prevalent. still a bit of a north breeze under cloudy sky, clouds have held temperatures down. now we are watching a new coastal system. we will see what happen was that. more on that in just a few minutes but for now no overnight, chilly again and brisk. back to you. >> developing news story about another popular energy drink. this time five hour energy is under investigation. officials say the drinks may be connected to more than a dozen deaths and this just weeks after we told you about a local family suing monster. they say their daughter died from drinking monster. five hour energy comes in a tiny bottle, just about two ounces but has the same amount of caffeine has two cups of coffee. the fda has reports of 13
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deaths and 33 hospital stays in the past four years, all claiming the shots were involved. the company behind five hour says there is no connection between their drink and the deaths and they say they are safe to drink if used correctly. the government is taking a closer look at those claims. >> now if someone was to drink multiple cans which is when we really see a lot of the side effects are you getting up to huge amounts, 30, 40 cups of coffee. >> it's over blown -- water is good, if you have to much water you drown. >> reporter: critics of energy drinks worry about the danger to children but many experts say as far as adults are concerned a deadly dose would be almost impossible to drink. >> seen the adds and most stores are opening early just to get the piece if of the black friday pie. there are purchase that should
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be put off until after cyber monday. >> reporter: turn on the tv and all you see are ads for black friday. a day where you can find some of the lowest prices of the year. here is the common misunderstanding, not everything is marked down to rock bottom prices, deal said if you plan ahead and stand in line you can get a great deal on a laptop or other items but it warns three items in particular will actually be cheaper after black friday. one of them, game consoles without a bundle. for a bargin you must buy a bundle on black friday. jewelry and watches, they are many demand right now so stores don't slash prices until closer to christmas. the i-pad mini you will find good deals on full sized i-
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pads, especially the older i- pad 2. stores are allowed to cut the price of that. and many are throwing in gift cards as well. for more of the report go to the web page. click the money tab up top. >> all right. you have a lot of mall walking to do. >> for more black friday tips and all of john's reports go to abc and click on the money tab and then click on tonight waste your money. now though it's a lot more fun to come up with a shopping plan this also a busy season for scammers. it's important to make a plan, have a plan to avoid the common mistakesu. >> the bbb is out with their shopping tips for black friday and cyber monday and they start with the basics, use a credit cardin stead of a debit card because you will normally have more protection. if the card information gets taken your savings won't get drained. it's also a bad idea to carry a
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social security card in your wallet. >> this is where we are seeing the increase in many cast, your social media, advertisements on the right rail, really drawing you to key items and some of those if you click on them can release viruses. they aren't to give you a bonus. >> use your mouse to hover over any links before you click. if the full web address is one you have never heard of, it's probably not a good idea to try it. >> we are staying on our toes. sandy may have paired most of us but we will see traces of her damage because of scammers. experts say thousands of flooded cars will be cleaned up and put on the used car market with sellers keeping their past a dirty secret. tonight we look at the signs you need to recognize so you don't get a safety hazard on the road. >> a few hours, can make a damaged car that's been sitting
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on a salvage yard for a year look brand new. >> reporter: tonight, we will explain why maryland law only requires some cellars to let you in on whether the car you are buying has been through a flood and we will look at the signs of water damage. >> for both the security supervisor and the deer that left this behind. the deer went up to the front door and then crashed right through the glass window. the deer headed back out and ran across york road and didn't stop. for anyone hoping leaves hope for thieves who want to steal our scoops the window has already been replaced. he has two heads in. >> one he uses to attack a soccer ball, the other he uses inside the classroom. meet this week's student athlete of the week. >> and this is dedication. why a local principal is on the
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roof of his school right now. . >> and don't forget to down load the abc2 weather app. get the weather in your hometown. we are back with the forecast after this.
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no two people have the same financial goals. pnc works with you to understand yours and help plan for your retirement. visit a branch or call now for your personal retirement review. . these guys, in east baltimore. pet, tom, jason, of course the great barry. just some of the greatest soccer stars they have given us and michael is carrying on the tradition. michael is this week's belaire honda student athlete of the week. when someone like barry says you are good you can run with
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it. >> i haven't had a player in work as hard as he didu. . >> michael was destined for the school when the coach saw him as an 8-year-old. he knew. >> he had this fight. >> reporter: michael say late bloomer. >> he hit a beat. a nice spurt. >> reporter: michael started his road to stardom in his junior and now senior year. >> every time i step on the field i know i have to give my best and i think to myself before i get in the game i have to do something to improve the outcome the game. >> he is a tireless worker. >> reporter: a gentleman and leader who has grown in size and stature. the academics prepared me for university of maryland. >> reporter: that is a big time college program. challenging for another tournament champion ship. it's his senior year that he is holding onto for as long as hek. >> i have a great group of
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guys. >> reporter: the coach knew it way back when and you know it tonight. michael is one of those talents and for his play and studies michael is this week's student athlete of the week. now the school lost in a semi- final shameable is focusing on schooll and the team next season. if you know someone who deserves a turn in the spotlight we want to hear from you. head to the website, nominate them and you can see them. >> other very deserving local students got an honor of a different kind. the delaney high school is one of five across the country picked to get a 5,000 dollar grant. they with picked because of a unique program called building their future. >> inspired by what they are doing with their sophomore retreat program. that was the reason they were picked. >> we worked the class to help propel them for the next two
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years. we work with them in building resumes, to get their transcript, to see where they are with the gpa. >> and buckle up. the kickoff for the 2012 base wall season is set for january the 21st when the orioles put on their yearly fan fest. it's a lot of celebrating from last year. even more to look forward to. ticket holders can get in on ten but all orioles fans will get a chance to rub elbow s and for the tickets call this number. >> they will be packed this year. >> yeah. >> and now maryland's most accurate forecast. >> it doesn't feel like january yet but it can pass for early december out there no question. 42 now at the airport. some spot around central maryland down in to the 30s.
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winds are calm. sunset early at 4:52. weather through the day from the abc network of weatherbug cameras across the free state. roland park finding a cloudy, dreary looking day. no question. temperatures held down in hartford. not to far north of apg. we find a generally agree looking day over the mighty river and how about summit ridge where sun was tough to find. i think we will find more sun in the mix come tomorrow. let's talk pittsburgh. 40 degrees for that kickoff. so right now weather looking like a nonfactor in the game. a light southeast breeze but not enough to impact the field kickers. we look for a big ravens win. 40s this evening. ono their way to the 30s overnight. might we see a little warmer? it's possible. it's lip balm kind of weather.
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the heater cranking the dry air in to the house and you are talking about dry conditions in your home. as we look out there now is going to stay dry the rest of the night though it'll be party to mostly cloudy and the system over the eastern part of north carolina, all eyes on this coastal system. it's the only weather player on the map right now but for now all projections taking this thing slowly to the north and east, slowly out to sea. that's going to mean nothing more than perhaps some clouds and at times breezy conditions by the second half of the weekend into early next week. as the system makes its pass off shore. at one point we thought source possible sunday night this to monday on the back edge but looks like high pressure will continue to settle in. kind of hold that low pressure area off to the east. may be breezy. squeeze play. high pressure, low pressure, what we get gradient winds. could be breezy in to the early part of next week. basically look ahead to the
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travel time we are looking at chilly conditions, benign weather pattern with the coastal system staying off shore. unit you have a transatlantic flight, looks like you will be clear travel wise, weather on the weather front. tonight 33 with a clearing sky. we stay cold. little improved sun breaking through and tomorrow night, just cold and clear again. here we go. back in to the mid50s. as we look ahead, weather quiet on the front here as with we go in to the time frame of travel which is going to be of course tuesday and wednesday for most people. looks pretty nice around here. we amped up the turkey. he was looking sleepy so we have a more excited one. keep him around. >> that ravens helmet. bigger than the steelers. >> yeah, we tried to make a point. >> yeah. >> lots of school principals say they are devoted to their
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students but not many can prove it quit like this. chris cook, principal of prospect middle elementary in belaire and he made a promise to his students, to get them motivated to race money. >> this was a school fundraiser through the pta where the children walked laps and if they raised 12, 5hundred dollars i would sleep on the roof. >> is that his real robe? don't worry about him. he has a heater and a stuffed bear on the roof to keep him company. >> and he will need it. he will be there tonight. >> they put their lives on the line for us nearly every day but the firefighters that's just not enough. the professional firefighters and battalion chief association took some time out of their jobs to deliver baskets of donated meals for local families in need. it's all part of a combined effort with span,. >> they were just wonderful. we love them to death.
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they have been participating us for a year now and it's so wonderful what they are doing to take the time out from their busy day. they are heroes in our eyes. . >> they donated 40 meals in all. >> our readers are not up on the roof. they are -- we had wyatt, today lynette had her turn. she put off sleep to visit two local schools, the second stop was the highland school in belaire. though the students asked very nicely she couldn't pinpoint just how many snow days they would take in this year. >> they wanted to know. >> you know that. >> and we are working for the community. today that came in the form of a donation to the vehicles forte. we handed over the keys to a station vehicle that will go to a family in need and today was the opening of a new location. it's provided 4,000 cars over the past 13 years to families in the area. we will be right back.
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. here is what we are working for you at 11. >> that's right. monday we showed you that video of a retired trooper stopping a robbery. tonight we will hear from the man himself. i'm going out to perryville to talk to him. >> he has a story. >> he does. >> and a thankful one. >> cold overnight. be ready for that. warming up by the end of the
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week. >> diane sawyer is next. see you tonight at 11. >>
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